Canada Certification and Approvals

Radio, Telecommunications Terminal Equipment (TTE) and all other electronic (digital) devices must comply with the Canadian standards. Radio Equipment usually requires Certification, whereas Terminal Equipment requires Registration (somtimes certified or registered togheter, in case of a cordless phone). A local person or company (legal entity) within Canada is required for certification. In case you don't have presence in Canada, Teleconformity can provide access to a local representative.

Each Company seeking Certification (the applicant), the manufacturer of the equipment (the factory or manufacturing site), the local representative (legal Canadian entity), Testlab (OATS or FAR) and Certification Body (CB) must be registered at IC and have a
Company Number (CN) prior to Certification.

Industry Canada Radio Certification

Radio Equipment in Canada must comply with the
Radio Standard Specifications (RSS), whereas the standards are categorized in Category I and II. Category I equipment requires Certification by a recognized Certification Body (CB) or by the Certification and Engineering Bereau of Industry Canada. Teleconformity offers the service for Industry Canada Certification. Category II Equipent does not require Certification but the manufacturer or importer must ensure compliance with the appropriate standard(s); a test report shall be available and the equiupment shall be properly labelled. Receivers can either be classified as Category I or II, whereas Category I Receivers are tunable to any frequency in the band 30~950 MHz, or are housed together with Category I transmitters, or is a scanning Receiver. All other Receivers are Caterory II Equipment.

Radio Equipment has been divided in different Types of Radio Equipment by Industry Canada, where some of the Radio Equipment is License Exempt . Testing is generally required for intentional and unintentional (conducted and radiated) emissions, and if applicable, also for Dynamic Frquency Selection (DFS), Specific Absorbtion Rate (SAR), and Hearing Aid Compatibility (HAC).
When applying for Certification, the ITU designation code(s) must be determined according to the TRC-43 specification.
Certified Radio Equipment must be labelled with model number and proper IC ID: XXXXZ-YYYYYYYY and will be published on the IC website in the Radio Equipment List (REL).

Industry Canada Terminal Equipment Approval

Terminal Equipment in Canada must comply with the Industry Canada
Terminal Standard Specifications (CS-03, part I:analogue; II:digital; III:terminals; IV:terminology; V:hearing aids; VI:ISDN; VII:modems and digital substrate equipment; VIII:DSL). Industry Canada maintains a list of network Network Connection methods, Equipment Categories , and types of Network Interfaces. Terminal Equipment Registration is based on a DoC procedure (self declaration). Teleconformity offers the service for Terminal Equipment Registration accordig to all parts of the CS-03 standard. Approved Terminal Equipment must be labelled with model number and proper IC ID: XXXX-YYYYYY and will be published on the IC website in the Terminal Equipment List (TEL).

Industry Canada EMC Approval

Electronic Equipment in Canada must comply with the EMC and other requirements as specified in the Canadian
Interference Causing Equipmnet Standards (IECS). For example, ITE equipment (digital apparatus) must comply with ICES-003 and labelled with: "This Class [*] digital apparatus complies with ICES-003" and "Cet appareil numerique de la clase [*] est conforme a la norme NMB-003 du Canada", where [*] refers to the applicable emissions, either Class A or B.

Industry Canada Broadcast Equipment Approval

Broadcast Equipment must comply with the
Broadcasting Equipment Technical Standards (BETS), of which some are Broadcasting Certificate Exempt Radio Apparatus.

Safety and Health Approval

In addition, all Equipment must comply with the Electrical Safety requirements in Canada. Recognized approval marks in Canada include CSA, ETL, UL, which are also valid for the USA. Medical equipment may require registration at and approval under the Food and Drug Act from (regulated by)
Health Canada .

Your Application
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   Forms for Industry Canada Terminal Registration    Application forms for IC CS-03 Terminal Registration

   Forms for Electrical Safety    Application forms for Electrical Safety Certification (CSA)

   Forms for Medical Equipment    Application forms for Medical Equipment Approval (Health Canada)

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