Japanese Certification and Approvals

Teleconformity offers Certification for Japanese Radio Law, Business Law and Weak Power / Receiver equipment (performance), all based on Regulations specified and maintained by the Ministry of Infromation and Communication (MIC) in Japan. The Certificate for Radio Law and Business Law will be issued by the Japan CAB and is legally valid to market your equipent in Japan. In Japan, it has the same recognition as Certificates issued by Bodies within in Japan.

Radio Law Certification

Radio Law certification can be obtained for three categories of Radio Equipment specified in MPT Ordinance 37 article 38-2§1, item I (unlicensed like PHS terminals, digital cordless phones, bluetooth), II (blanket licensed like cellphones) and III (others like amateur radios). Each type of radio technology has its own symbolic 2-digit equipment code ("Mark"), similar to the 3-digit FCC equipment code) which is a part of the MIC ID to be marked on the product label. Find a full summary of the categorized
Certification Items , Technical Regulations , Additional Notifications and Test Methods. Certified Radio Equipment is published by MIC.

Business Law Certification

Business Law Certification can be obtained for Termial Equipment to be connected to analog telephone facilities (PSTN, ADSL, WCDMA-handheld), radio calling facilities, ISDN facilities (BRI,PRI) or leased/digital data transmission facilities. "Chapter 9" also defines that Radio Equipment Interfaces used for public telecom services (e.g. Ethernet or 802.11a/b/g/n air interfaces for hot spot) require business Law Certification.

Performance Certification

As specified in the Radio Law, Extremely Weak (low) Power Equipment and Receivers must comply with the Japanese Radio Regulations, but do not require registration at MIC. Examples of products requiring performance of compliancy with the emission limits, are FM modulators and radio Receivers. Teleconformity offers Performance Certification, including testing.

VCCI approval

Approval by the VCCI Council (Voluntary Control Council for interference by ITE) is mainly based on Radiated and Conducted emission EMC measurements. However VCCI is voluntary in Japan, the majority of ITE equipment in sold in Japan are marked with the VCCI logo. The VCCI mark in Japan mark is generally known and recognized as a evidence of verified EMC emissions. In order to apply for VCCI approval, the testing laboratory and the Applicant must be (or become) a member of the VCCI and pay their applicable annual fees.

PSE approval

Product Safety Electrical (PSE) approval for Japan is based on the Electrical Applicance and Material Safety (DENAN) Law. The under METI designated PSE approval scheme provides CAB certification of Specified electrical home and business appliances, such as ITE power adapters) under these laws. Certified specified appliances shall be marked with the diamond shaped PSE mark.

Medical Equipment

Medical Equipment may require PMDA (PAL) approval. Teleconformity can provide Medical device (class 1) approval service for PMDA.

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   Forms for Japan Specified Radio Certification    Application forms for Specified Radio Equipment Certification (Radio)

   Forms for Japan Business Law Certification    Application forms for Business Law Certification (TTE)

   Forms for Japan Extremely Weak Power or Receiver Certification    Application forms for Extremely Weak Power / Receiver Certification (Performance)

   Forms for VCCI Approval    Application forms for EMC Approval (VCCI)

   Forms for Electrical Safety    Application forms for Electrical Safety Certification (PSE)

   Forms for Medical Equipment    Application forms for Medical Equipment Approval (PMDA)

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