Electrical Safety Approvals

Teleconformity offers Safety Approval services for electronic and elecric products in various countries. Testing and certification can be performed against the national standard, or via the so called CB scheme. Electrical Safety is not only to be obtained for elctrical and electronic devices, but also for power cords, plugs, individual components or sub-assemblies. Electrical Safety is achieved by protection against:

• Electric shock
• Energy hazards
• Mechanical hazards
• Heat
• Fire
• Radiation hazards

During evaluation and test, the following items are verified:

• Design measures to achieve the above protection areas
• Safety critical components
• Abonormal operation and fault conditions
• Level of protection, definend for 6 different levels:

   ① Basic protection in case of a fail due to single fault (level 1)
     - insulation by construction (creapage and clearance distances) and compliance with electrical strenght
   ② Supplementary protection when independent level of insulation is added to basic (level 1)
     - insulation of parts that could cause shock or hazard when touched
   ③ Double protection counts when basic and suppelmentary protection are both complied with (level 2)
   ④ Re-inforced protection in case of a single insulation system, equivalent to double protection (level 2)
     - single insulation providing protection against electric shock, equivanlent to double insulation
   ⑤ Protection by earthing of accessible parts to earth (level 1)
     - accessible conductive parts are connected to the earth conductor of the mains supply. Fusing cuts off.
   ⑥ Functional protection provides NO protection (level 0)
     - inslulation that is provided for correct fucntioning of the device, but not to protect humans.

• Liability, marking and user documentation (safety instructions and warnings)

There are two equipment classes for Safety:

• Class I (basic insulation AND earthing)
• Class II (double OR re-inforced insulation)

United States

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US Safety marks (UL, ETL, CSA).


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Other countries

For Electrical Safety approvals in other countries, go to the our global approvals overview (Approvals / Homologation) and select the
country you wish to know more about. If you can't find specific details about the local safety requiremnets, please contact us.

IECEE CB scheme approach

The CB scheme approach covers saftey testing including national deviation and is your passport to most national approval markst without retesting for eacht country.

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